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A place centered on you for the enjoyment of all things Axis and to unleash that Axis Wake Research beast that resides within.

Creating a highly tuned, sophisticated tournament water sports boat takes an unwavering commitment to the finest details. We believe our obsession to provide the professional water sports world with the ultimate boat, while incorporating a list of creature comforts ensures us each Axis Wake Research owner will enjoy levels of boating reserved for very few, providing an on-water #centeredonyou. 


Visit Ivanics Marine and discover the Axis Wake lifestyle! Try our boats and experience the unforgettable experience of water sports. Ivanics Motor Kft. has been at the disposal of our customers for 7 years and is waiting for the lovers of boating with the experience gained over the years.

For 35 years, extreme water sports fans have been trusting Malibu technology, performance, safety and quality, this has now been incorporated int to the Axis Wake Reserach range of models. The latest developments are reshaping the industry over and over again. The V drive is a critical safety feature that keeps the propeller at a reasonable distance from swimmers and surfers.

Axis Wake Research: #centeredonyou


At Ivanics Marine, we understand the needs of boat fans and their passion for watersports. There are many models to choose from, and you are guaranteed to find your dream boat.

For this reason, we have developed a complete service that you may need to ensure that the time spent on the water is seamless.

Choose from our models to best fit your needs and aims.

In the heart of the country, we welcome our visitors and their questions in Budapest. If you are looking for a new adventure, let's meet on the water and explore the Danube ;)


Our mission is to provide quality sport towboats to our customers, with agility, safety and confidence in service, always ensuring the best deal. Our goal is to expand the number of water sports enthusiasts in Hungary being the first in the domestic water ski and wakeboard market meeting the needs of those interested in water skiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

From servicing, purchasing and maintaining your boat or jet ski, we competently perform everything needed to ensure the best care and service for our customers.

Ivanincs Marine exclusively represents Malibu in Hungary and Croatia, and for this reason, we have invested in developing a complete service solution ensuring your time on the water is fully supported. Starting with the Axis Wake Research range of models, a very complete range of models we know will provide you with exceptional levels of performance in your chosen sport.